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Meet Goddess Samantha

I invite you to find yourself at the feet of a strong, beautiful woman who possesses a powerful Dominant character and a rock hard 38D-24-36 muscular, yet feminine body. am Mistress Ultra Violet. I am an artist, Dominatrix and model. I am truly the new breed of Professional Dominatrix: Strong, Aggressive and Fearless.

Beautiful. Powerful. Hypnotic. Those are your first impressions of me. You want to kneel, to worship my essence. I have that effect... Kneel now! Assume your rightful place before me, at my feet. I invite you to indulge your fantasies. Learn what it is to submit to a dominant beautiful woman. Gaze in awe at my rock hard 36D-24-36 muscular, yet feminine body. 

My body is my temple, a Divine vessel forged and toned by years of daily workouts. It is fit for your worship or the ultimate tool of punishment for disobedience. Years of experience have made me an expert in understanding the human psyche. I can find your hidden weaknesses or uncover your unspoken, hidden desires. I will discover these about MY submissive, no matter how painful or humiliating.

Imagine yourself, kneeling and trembling under MY gaze. Subject to MY commands. Yearning to please ME. You feel yourself weakening, giving yourself to ME fully. Submitting...TOTALLY.

I believe Professional Domination to be the perfect extension of MY personality. It is the ideal vehicle to release MY sadistic, Dominant nature. During MY career as a top fitness competitor/model, I have placed top 10 in several National level competitions. It is a rare opportunity, indeed, to be allowed to serve a Dominatrix such as ME.

Goddess Samantha was also honored by the Pro-Domme community with special awards recognizing me as a leading Dominatrix in the world.

DOMCON LA 2018 Special Guest

DOMCON NOLA 2018 Guest of Honor

DOMCON LA 2019 Mistress of Ceremonies

DOMCON NOLA 2019 Special Guest

Phone number: (770) 356-5034        








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What Clients Are Saying

Let me tell you about Goddess Samantha;

She is fantastic, friendly, easy to talk to, down to earth, and so very skilled. Absolutely gorgeous and in great shape, obviously works out and not with the pink 2lb rubber dumbbells. Consider yourself warned, she is strong.

Despite the long drive I've managed to see her three times now. She has a sadistic streak and I'm a heavy pain player so our scenes progressed quickly and for this third one we decided to really push the limits. She loves role play and is great at it, so I went to see Principal Samantha at her home after class.


She had informed me I need disciplined at a level that just could not be administered at school. What could that possibly mean? When I arrived she answered the door looking incredible in a tight-fitting top, garters, panties, stockings and heels. Apparently she didn't have time to put her skirt I'm not the only naughty one here. After a little banter back and forth I found myself naked and bent over the table. She explained this is going to be severe while adjusting my position making sure I was able to hold far side of the table, and then restraining me "for my own safety". I don't need much warmup and didn't get much, she had a pile of implements- brushes, wooden spoon, straps, canes, paddles all ready to go. As she leaned in to untie me I could see her grinning from ear to ear, clearly satisfied with the results. I was a bruised, welted, and swollen mess. For the next day or two it hurt to sit, stand or even walk. Still had some marks a week later, which is unusual for me. Hands down the most painful and incredible scene of my life, so far.

Of course, if you don't play this heavy don't let my experience scare you off. A light Domme can't play heavy, but a heavy Domme can play light. She is expertly capable of delivering as much or as little as you need, go see her.



October, 2021 by FMSR

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