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 Meet Goddess Capri

I am a model, entertainer, advocate and overall provocateur. I am quickly becoming Atlanta's #1 kink entertainer… I AM, the One and Only Seductress of Sin, Deviant Deity, THEE Kink Entertainer, Goddess Capri!


Domination Style


Sensual. I LOVE to tease and I get off on controlling your sexual energy. I will do what pleases Me and these actions have NOTHING to do with you or your pleasure/excitement.




I explain in detail exactly what I want and I expect you to comply. Because I am detailed, I don't tolerate a lot of "questioning." If you are unable to understand My detailed yet simple instructions, I will assume you are dim and that W/we are not compatible. 


Mental Sadist. 


Emotional torture and humiliation are the tools of the trade for My quick wit and slick tongue. Thin-skinned NEED NOT APPLY.  

Phone number:  (678) 539-0368






What Clients Are Saying


Goddess Capri is fantastic! She is as beautiful as she is intelligent. I plan to repeat and repeat...

March, 21 By TJ

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