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Meet Mistress Ayn the Proprietress of Femdom Mansion

A well known and highly respected player in Atlanta's Kinky Underground Scene for Many years, Mistress Ayn brings with Her a wealth of knowledge and experience to any BD/SM scenario.

Mistress Ayn is a successful career Woman standing upon a lifetime of accolades and accomplishment... She is a Dominatrix in full bloom, a Woman wielding the scepter of power with all the majesty of a Goddess!!

Mistress Ayn is also the Proprietress of

Q. How do I pronounce Your name-how should I address You?

A. My name rhymes with Mine and I should only be addressed as "Mistress Ayn" or "Mistress". I have never liked the salutation "Ma'am". It always reminds of Me of someone's Grandmother.

Q. Are Your Photographs accurate/up to date?

A. Absolutely. I am a fetish model so I work with a variety of photographers and I update My photos at least once a month. What you see is what you get.

Q. Is pain really necessary?

A. I think all Dominatrices have a sadistic streak, Myself included, but pain is not necessary for a fun, satisfying session. Sensual domination with strategic tease and denial can be a real treat too. I have one particular submissive that isn't into pain at all. However, he gets really excited in our sessions and makes mistakes that require punishment. Since he is very visual, I punish him by blindfolding him or simply leaving the room. He says it is the worst possible punishment.

Q. What if I can't take the pain I experience during the session?

A .First, it is important that you choose the right Dominatrix and communicate your limitations and concerns to Her. I am very adept at knowing when a submissive is reaching his pain threshold. In addition I always establish safe words, just in case, that allow the submissive to communicate to Me without ruining the tone of the session.

Q. What Fetish Outfits do you have?

A. You name it. Just look at My photos. I can be your leather torturer, the sexy boss you've always fantasied about or the lingerie clad, well-heeled, just out of reach Woman that I truly am.

Q. I am a novice, may I please visit You?

A. Of course. I don't much enjoy introducing novices to the joys of BDSM and the D/s relationship. This is an instance where choosing the right Dominatrix is extremely important. My experience in the scene allows Me to introduce you to new experiences and sensations without overwhelming you. If a submissives first pro Domme experience is a bad one, it can turn him off forever. I see Myself as a conduit - helping those exploring BDSM connect with their submissive side and live out those fantasies.

Q. Are You discreet?

A. I'm always  discreet!

Q. When is the best time to contact You?

A. I answer My phone between the hours of 11am and 8pm. However, I prefer that initial contact be via email. I require a completed Experience/Fetish form before I will schedule a session and that is a good place to start when communicating with Me.

Q. Do you accept couples/women?

A. Yes. Sessions with couples are extremely HOT. Whether the woman is submissive or dominant, I always know I am going to have a good time with a couple.

Q. May I request that another Domme or submissive join us?

A. Please do. I am well connected in the scene and can provide another Domme, Dom or submissive male or female. Double Domme sessions are available with any of the Independent Dommes at Atlanta Dungeon. I love including another submissive in sessions.

Q. May I receive chastity training from You?

A. If you think you are up to it. I offer short or long term training and key holding services.

Q. Do you offer extended sessions?

A. I will do sessions 4 hours or more, but I will only exceed 4 hours with a submissive that I have sessioned with before. It is important that there is a real connection in order to have a satisfying extended session and I don't do things I don't enjoy. If we have a session and we have fun, then, great! Let's do an extended session. I particularly enjoy overnight sessions. It is a chance for Me to really build a relationship with a submissive and for them to get to know Me as a person. It is a true lifestyle experience.

Q. May I become your personal slave?

A. At present I have Three lifestyle slaves and am not seeking more...however I will consider those who have proven themselves worthy through in session servitude!


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What Clients Are Saying

I recently enjoyed a MindFuck Production with Mistress Ayn and friends while traveling through Atlanta. I had flown into Atlanta before driving a few hours to my destination, and had arranged a session with Mistress Ayn before continuing on my trip.

I received a text with the address to an adult store and instructions to photograph three things that excited me. I was then directed to a big box store nearby, where I was to insert my Hush and wait for an Uber that Mistress Ayn had called for me.

I don't want to get into too many specifics: Mistress Ayn, Goddess Samantha, Mistress Zoe Redd, and Mistress Ayn's submissive Blake were involved, and all were fantastic. I was teased and denied and placed back into chastity, and for the final act: Mistress Ayn sent me on my way to finish my trip without my key. Mistress Ayn sent me pictures of my key throughout the rest of the week, teasing me with it until I was able to retrieve the key in a game of "spew or glue" with Her holding a vibrator against my cage whilst a timer counted down to a rather unfortunate ending. I succeeded with fewer than two minutes remaining. Far too close for comfort!

A MindFuck is not a cheap experience, but it is truly worth every penny. I would do it again in a heartbeat, and as a matter of fact, I plan to.

Thank You again to everyone who was involved. It was an honor serving with You, Mistress Ayn, Goddess Samantha, and Mistress Zoe; and it was an honor serving alongside you, Blake!

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