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Meet The Doctor of Atlanta Dungeon Dr Domina


Doc Domina

Your Divine Goddess of Gainz 

Domina, Professional-Bodybuilder and Kink Consultant rolled into one package. My Physique is Divine and will bring you to your knees. 


Control is My core kink; I will own your senses, mind, pain, pleasure, and even your bank account if you’re well behaved. Impact, sensory play, keyholding, degradation, CBT, or making wax art over the marks I put on your body- they all provide avenues for Me to impose Doc’s Dominion over your domain. My wishes are your command and My Desires are your directives. Allow Doc to baptize you by water or fire. 


I am a linguaphile, so bonus points for who speak other languages and can keep up with wordplay. I love to explore different corner of the human mind as well as different corners of the globe. Touring allows me to do both. A personal source of pleasure is  pushing  every psychic button I find to have you eating out the palm of my hand and licking the heel of my boots.


Self care and wellness are quintessential. The gym is a daily necessity and my gallon jug is life. I hold myself to a high standard and anyone in my presence is held to the same. I must be  hard and firm in some realms so it’s only right that those who worship me show their adoration through facilitating a soft life and ease to provide counterbalance. I love a good Mezcal, Malbec and a mindfuck or two.  


Passionate Lifelong learning is my core approach to anything I do, tormenting and teasing my toys is no different.

With that being said, I enjoy pets of all genders, colors, shapes and sizes. All are welcome to submit at Doc’s Throne.  

I aim to understand and accept the pieces of each sub I spend time with to create a frame that is truly tailored to optimize the chance to enter subspace. Sensory stimulation and psychological control are personal favorites.


I can bend you to my will physically, but knowing you’ll bend psychically can be much more fun. That’s a perk of five degrees packaged into a professional bodybuilder. With that being said, the sadistic streak runs strong and I do like to see what will elicit moans, groans and shrieks. Balance. 


I love creating space where you know your power is being held in the most strong and capable hands. I afford you that luxury and all I ask in return is that you offer yourself and worship me in whatever ways I see fit.  


Demonstrate your devotion through drinks, dinner and luxurious gifts that show you pay attention to what brings Me joy. Doing so will definitely ensure Divine favor. 


You have My Treatment Plan, so, the Doc will see you now. 


Phone number: (404) 436-6894    






What Clients Are Saying

I finally broke from my chains of personal bondage releasing myself to Doc Domina at to true servitude. My first session I was shaking with excitement and uncertainty. Doc Domina recognized my nervousness and calmed me while introducing me the pleasures of absolute submission!


Doc Domina took me to new heights that I never thought I would go. She used her experience to know how far to take the training as well as maintaining communication to insure I was doing okay and relaxing me. I am in great anticipation our next session with over whelming excitement.


If you have never had a session with Doc Domina you need to make an appointment soon. If you have not released yourself from your personal bondage release yourself and go to and free yourself to new exciting experiences.

slave mike

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