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Meet The Head Dominatrix Mistress Ultra Violet

I am Mistress Ultra Violet. I am an artist, Dominatrix and model. I am truly the new breed of Professional Dominatrix: Strong, Aggressive and Fearless.

While it is important to Me that any visitor to My Dungeon know their place, I delight in the individuality of My devotee. A man's expression of pain is a thing I see as unique and personal. While he is subject to My whim, his struggles and groans come from the man beneath the mask. It is this honesty that fuels My passion for Dominance.

I enjoy nothing more than pushing a masochist's limits to the very brink, however I do not have to cause extraordinary pain in order to have a good time with you. Sometimes all a boy needs is to be reminded how small and insignificant he is...or a little restraint and the promise of My Gorgeous Ass to Worship, or My Beautiful size seven Feet, Shoes, and Boots, to massage, sniff, and lick.

Fetishists, slaves, and submissives, often comment on My innate understanding of all manner of what most would consider perverse. Though you may be embarrassed and Humiliated,( I Love nothing more than the complete Humiliation of My subjects! ) I am not easily shocked. Years of Lifestyle and Professional experience have created My own special brand of Sensual Sadism. Be warned, My morose sense of humor may mark you just as deeply as the kiss of My Whip.

Whether you crave the cutting comments that drip from My sardonic tongue, need to be caught in a pair of panties, or find yourself in need of an especially savage beating, (all three, perhaps?) I do not disappoint.

I love to be worshiped and pampered. My beautiful Feet, Legs, and Ass will become the object of your obsession as I lead you deeper and deeper into cuckoldry, chastity, slavery, and submission. Trust in Me, Worship Me, Suffer for Me, and I will find pleasure in your devotion. But be warned; displease Me, and I will leave you a broken creature, begging for My attention!


I am fully vaccinated and ready to play!

Phone number: (404) 825-5106        






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St Louis Dominatrix

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What Clients Are Saying

I had been to The Atlanta Dungeon on three previous occasions and all three times were wonderful. But something was missing and that was seeing Miss Ultra Violet. Finally, I got to see the most beautiful, sexy, in shape, smart and demanding Mistress ever, Mistress Ultra Violet.


She is much prettier than her pictures, her body is absolutely flawless. She does have many tattoos but being pierced myself that's not a problem and her's are tastefully done..


I was unsure the exact time and date I'd be free to play and Miss UV was most accommodating. She did require a deposit and when the final date/time was set asked me to pay in full. Both requests were handled easily.


We were set to meet at 6:30 and the day of she asked if I could make 6 work. Thankfully, Atlanta traffic cooperated and she was close to on time ( A big plus),


The hour and a half flew by but it was everything I had hoped for and more. She's a great tease, corporal punisher and has a very sadistic laugh one just falls in love with.

If seeing a Pro Dom is your cup of tea she's the best and well revie​wed for a reason: she's that GOOD!

October, 2021 by FMSR

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