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Meet Divine Ruler Ororo Snow

Hello little snowflake, welcome to My Heaven! You may have worshipped and admired Me for some time, or you could be new to My harem of devotees. Either way, your sins are safe with Me. You have made a great decision to step into My Heaven of beauty, pleasure, and servitude.

I adore being completely worshiped by the penis carrier, a known lesser species to My Supreme Feminine.


Creating space where fantasy and desire intertwine is My greatest pleasure. As an artist, I take great pride in what I create, every audio and visual I create is crafted with deep intention to meet My own very high standards. This inevitably indoctrinates you into being My molded obedient devotee.

You will know that at the first sound of My voice. The first connection of My gaze. The instant I smile your way. I am nothing like any other woman you've ever met.

I specialize in Hypnotic Indoctrination better known to some as *Hypnosis, Brainwashing, Mind Melt, & Mind Fucking. Releasing control is the greatest form of submission to your Divine Ruler and shows the depth of servitude that My devotees go to for My pleasure. Turing your mind into an alley for My teachings, Rulings, and dark pleasures makes your final release that much more intense. Warping your mind and body even deeper into My way of life.


I adore the way it heightens your arousal and consumes you with desire for Me. You thirst for Me all day and night. I love how that keeps you so obedient and worshiping, focusing your mind on your one true purpose: Pleasuring your Divine Ruler










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What Clients Are Saying

Ms Gianna is the most erotic and sensual woman i have ever sessioned with. I believe Switches make the best Mistresses .  She lead me through a host of kinky activities that had my mind spinning and my pathetic little penis weeping tears of joy the entire time.  I will be back in Her Dungeon, next time in am in Atlanta!



baby willie   

October, 2021 by FMSR

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