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Meet Frida Love Flores

Atlanta’s Latina Domina Doll!


Professional Domina, Fetish Model, and BDSM Educator. I specialize in the exchange of Power and Energy through the science of kink practices. I am an expensive, strict, and sensual sadist. I attribute My stunning looks and curvy body to My Caribbean heritage. Although just five foot two, I lift weights regularly and have a background in martial arts. I am a bold charismatic siren, capable of bending the will of others to My desire through coercion and physical force. I employ Psychological Domination and Emotional Manipulation in order to reprogram the self serving ideals of the weak.


I travel and tour often, as well as offer FMTY for My best behaved disciples. When home in Atlanta, I work exclusively out of the South's largest fully equipped modern Dungeon play space: Atlanta Dungeon!

I have zero tolerance for any disrespect or encroachment on the human rights of ALL individuals. I value mutual respect, honest and open communication, intellect, and kindness. I am highly intellectually and emotionally intelligent. I have a Bachelor of Arts and Master of Arts with a background in DEI. I am not just a Domina, and refuse to treated as such. I am a Matriarch, Scholar, Globe Trotter, and Bon Vivant. I am a Luxury.


Phone number: (470) 599-9750 





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What Clients Are Saying

I highly recommend Frida Love Flores as she is an all around amazing Mistress - she is intellectual, beautiful, sexy & seductive.

Mistress never stopped moving during our session & time together. She had me tied down spread eagle & the session began with sensory overload! She had a estim device connected to my balls that she continuously changed from pain to pleasure. She would decorate my cock with clothes pins & make me endure tease & denial.

My nipples was where her work was fine tuned! She did an amazing job with it & even popped my virginity on needle play by using 4 needles on them. The pain I yelled out just made that grin grow bigger & that's where my focus was at so i could endure. She used a flogger & tools to bring painful sensations that way. Before I realized it she had my ass probed with electrical stimulus to further torture me with, while treating my balls like a weight rack, seeing how many she could put on.

All in all an amazing session & highly recommend her, 10 out of 10!

October, 2023 by BJ

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