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Meet Mistress October Moon

I am Mistress October Moon. I have a world of strength and mystery. I can be fierce, but serve Me properly and you’ll see My gentle sensuality.


I enjoy both teasing and bringing a masochist to their breaking point. I love to laugh as you beg Me for mercy.


I will turn the most confident man into merely a toy for My desires.


Once I’ve broken you into an obedient submissive, you’ll find yourself wanting nothing more than to spoil and pamper Me.


Serve Me, and together we can discover your

darker side, revealing your true nature and purpose. 


Phone number: (678) 238-5234        






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What Clients Are Saying

Let me tell you about Mistress October.
I've seen Dommes allover the world for the past 30 years. Mistress October is one of the most beautiful!

If you crave a tall blond Mistress, with perfect skin, a fantastic body, and no damn tattoos, she's the one.

old john

October, 2021 by FMSR

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