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Meet The Assistant Manager & Event Coordinator Madam Jess

Greetings and Welcome. Congratulations on finding your proper place beneath Me.


I am a Dominant Alpha Female with many years of experience in the BDSM Lifestyle. I am well educated in most forms of erotic torment, Fetish expression, and sensual sadism. Sessions with Me will keep you riding the Edge of endorphin-filled subspace for hours. You'll forget everything but Me and My power over you and I will leave you desperate to continue serving Me over and over again.


I enjoy living life to the extreme with a natural curiosity and desire to try everything. If a thing is worth doing, I believe it should be done with total commitment and dedication. A true Taurus, I love all things pleasurable and gluttonous. I am excited by screams and tears as well as begging and moans. Pamper Me with gifts of food and drink or lavish things and find yourself well rewarded with My gratitude.

Phone number: ​770-375-7602       









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What Clients Are Saying

The instructions had been clear. Crystal clear.

Arrive at the door, be neither early or late. Expect to be welcomed. Plan to be humble. And know your place.

The tone was set before i had entered the door. She didn't know me. i'd been in the same room as Her once before and had appreciated the elegant composure that She displayed. But She knew that i'd appreciate the tone being set.

i was directed to where i was to disrobe. Her voice had been soft, yet firm. It was an instruction and i was expected to follow it. Simple. Yet, i worried, would She find me acceptable. i do not have the figure of Adonis. my naked form is not impressive. i was deeply nervous, i didn't know why but this Lady i wished to impress.

i disrobed quickly, and decided to crawl to where She was. She had instructed that i was to kneel when i presented myself, i thought it best that i just start on my hands and knees. i was putty already and She had barely spoken to me yet.

i muttered a few words of introduction. i'm actually a shy person and wasn't sure what to say.

It was our first time, She wanted to hear my prior experiences, She wanted to know what i might have liked, She wanted to know where She could explore. i wanted to first write where "We could explore", but the dynamic had already changed it was about where She could explore.
that She allows me the opportunity to impress her in the future.

i do know that Madam Jess has impressed me. And the explorations started on the spanking bench. She was subtle at first. Teasing my skin with subtle stinging blows that warmed the flesh. She knew i had bruise restrictions and She worked with my limitations. But She did not allow that to ruin Her fun. Impact play was interspersed with the touch of Her nails, the caress of Her breath and the careful jabbing of what i think was a bamboo skewer. Ooooh such a simple tool, a bamboo skewer, but the pain when delivered correctly and She was so correct with it. Strike by strike, scratch by scratch She brought me closer and closer to subspace. i don't like to yell, i like to internalize my pain, let it sweep through and cleanse me. The explorations did not end on the spanking bench, that that was just a beginning. But in that beginning Madam Jess had brought me to someplace new. There was still much time to be spent and much fun for Madam Jess to have. i do know that Madam Jess has impressed me.




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