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Meet Ms Gianna Monticello

I am Ms Gianna Monticello I was born in Italy. I am a sensual European Switch.  


Whether you long to be Dominated, brought to your knees, made to worship Me or wish to revel in My helplessness, as I become your ultimate slave.


I will make all of your fantasies come true. My erotic sexuality and pin-up looks will always leave you wanting more. My erotic imagination and quest for to find your secret desires will posses you and hypnotize you into submission, until you are entranced into obedience by My perfectly, executed feminine spell. All without so much as a whisper from My beautifully formed lips.


Atlanta's only Professional Switch, Ms Gianna Monticello is truly excited to be on either side of the Whip! Always a team player, She is thrilled to
session alone or with any of the Independent Dominatrices from Atlanta


Ms Gianna enjoys role-play whether as a willing slave girl or ademanding but sensual Dominatrix.


Ms Gianna's raw sensuality and love for
all things Fetish/BDSM is only surpassed by Her 32C-20-34beauty.


Perfect vital statistics no matter which side of the coin your interests lie on!

Phone number: 404-981-5978         








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What Clients Are Saying

Ms Gianna is the most erotic and sensual woman i have ever sessioned with. I believe Switches make the best Mistresses .  She lead me through a host of kinky activities that had my mind spinning and my pathetic little penis weeping tears of joy the entire time.  I will be back in Her Dungeon, next time in am in Atlanta!



baby willie   

October, 2021 by FMSR

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