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Couples' Class first Saturday of Every Month!

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Madam Jess is the House rope enthusiast at Atlanta Dungeon. She has been practicing rope bondage on a serious level for over ten years and is offering a class for couples. This class will open to 6 couples at $100 per couple, every first Saturday of the month. Couples may RSVP through this Eventbrite link. 


Class must have at least 3 sign ups to commence.  The course lasts for two hours and light snacks/water are provided. 


Private or individual couple's rope classes are also available. The charge is $300 an hour (2 hours recommended) or $1000 for 4 hours and may be scheduled through email.


Topics to be discussed in a beginning course(s) include-

Western Bondage vs Japanese Bondage/Shibari

Types of rope and their uses (with examples)

Other equipment- shears, picks, suspension rings

Safety- nerve compressions, circulation, etc.

Basic/most used knots

Rope Nomenclature

Single column ties

Double column ties

Rope tension

Single or double column tied to a stationary point

Chest harness

Simple hogtie


Apart from technique, Madam Jess will also discuss connecting with your partner, managing the flow of the scene, things to look out for, etc. After all, the entire point is for you to enjoy each other and the energy between you! 

Questions? Email Madam Jess at


First couples' class available October 1st and each recurring first Saturday.

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