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I understand your depraved urges and erotic fantasies better than you do, and I love to push all buttons. I am not the least bit submissive. I am a dominant woman, who expects to be treated like royalty at all time. Remember that cardinal rule and you will do just fine serving me.


I have been a professional Dominatrix since 2015. My slaves have been satisfied through my ability to foster healthy, trusting relationships and honest boundaries.


You will only address me as Mistress Sugar. The key to this working properly is your understanding that you are my slave, I am Mistress Sugar. You are always on my time, and not the other way around.

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What Clients Are Saying

Made it home Goddess. Thanks

you so much for the great

evening. You made me feel super

comfortable and you made me

feel so good. Have a wonderful

weekend Mistress.


C. Your French Maid Sissy

I can’t believe you’ve turned me into a sissy and I love it. It’s been a long almost 7 years.

You told me exactly what you were going to transform me into and you did just that! I’m addicted to this lifestyle now and for that I love you forever Goddess!



R (straight white male turned sissy slut)

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